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Prayer/Heka for Immigrants and Refugees

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Em hotep all,

I know many of us are appalled by the current treatment of immigrants and refugees in the United States. While treatment of immigrants and refugees has been increasingly inhumane all over the world, the US actions in recent news is a low that is hitting very close to home for many of us. There are many ways that we, as upholders of ma'at, can work to change these policies, including speaking up, educating others, donations, etc.

But sometimes we can't do that, or feel a need to do something else.

I wrote this prayer to my Father, Set, as something that can be said as a way to use heka to bolster the efforts of people working to enact change around how the US (and other countries) act towards immigrants and refugees. Please feel free to use as you see fit. Sharing is also welcome!

--- Quote ---Set, Lord of Foreigners,
He Who crosses the Path,
The Lord of the Oasis,
May You protect the immigrants and refugees
who are detained, separated, and turned away at the door.
You, Who does not care about the law,
Who grips with great malice,
May You empower the people to resist,
to protest inhumane policies,
to enact change and restore ma'at.
Set, the Roaring and Fighting one,
Who invented the Rebellion,
fill the peoples’ hearts with the desire
to uphold ma’at against the policies
that care not for Your children.
Set, Whose Arm is Powerful,
He Who turns around roaring,
Whose heart is raised among the Gods,
May it become.
Dua Set!
--- End quote ---

Thank you for looking at this, it means a lot to me to know that my family here in the House feel as I do. No one is illegal.

May ma'at prevail and senebty,


That was wonderful -- thank you for posting it.

May Ma'at prevail!

Thank you!!!

Gonna make this a daily thing. Thank you for writing this!


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