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Prayers for baby

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Hello everyone.

I'm just about to go for my fourth embryo transfer (second frozen) and was wondering if some of you could offer prayers on our behalf?

For those that don't know, my husband and I started trying for a family in 2011 and began our IVF/ICSI journey in 2015. Our first cycle was positive but I miscarried. The frozen transfer from that cycle didn't take. We had our second cycle last spring and, once again, I miscarried. I'm just hoping that history doesn't repeat itself again.

I'm clinging to little 'omens' like our rainbow baby (baby born after miscarriage) is being put back in during pride month. We also found a beautiful blue Tawaret amulet in a curiosity shop last weekend. Fingers crossed!

Thank you.

Many, many prayers and many good vibes your way.

Prayers and many blessings


Love and prayers. <3


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