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Set's Spear and Sekhmet's Claw

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Em hotep, friends; I hope you all had a blessed Wep Ronpet!

This year I've been charged by my Parents to offer two ongoing services to the community, although they can go hand-in-hand if you wish. I'm posting this in the Public Prayers section because this service, in both its facets, is a prayer to my two Great Healers.

* POCKET ICONS: "Send Us where We need to go" is the gist of what I was told. If you have need of either Papa Set or Mama Sekhmet in your life and an icon would be helpful, I would be happy to draw Them for you and send Them to you via the USPS (or electronically if you're not in the States). The icons will be about 3.5 by 2.5 inches, drawn in marker and laminated for durability so you can take Them wherever / slip Them into a bookbag / purse / pocket / etc.

Some of you may be familiar with how my Parents come to me, and therefore how I depict Them in my own devotional art; however, out of respect for the fact that not everyone is comfortable with such, none of you will be getting an unclad / phallic Set or a bare-breasted Sekhmet unless you specifically request it.
* DAILY PRAYERS: If there is something you'd like me to bring before Papa Set or Mama Sekhmet, let me know. I will be getting a special book in which to write things down; I can simply read your name to Them, or mention something specific if you prefer. I will do this every day before my informal shrine until you tell me otherwise.

It's really a very simple thing--there's no ritual surrounding it--but there's a powerful heka to it. I've seen other members offer this with prayer jars and other things; this is the version that They required of me.
PM me if you're interested, and please tell me what you're looking for--icon, prayers, etc. If the former, please send me your mailing address so I don't have to badger you again. ;)

Finally, if there is anything at all you'd care to talk about, feel free to e-mail me at gezausenu@gmail.com. I'm always happy to listen / chat. <3

Much love to all of you.


Everyone is doing such awesome things, lately! Thank you. <3

What a blessing you are, G. Dua Set and Dua Sekhmet!

Thank you for your service. This is a beautiful thing. <3

Thank you for your service! <3


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