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Help a German student, be a penpal


Em hotep,

One of my tutoring students could really use your help:
Simon is 16 years old and just now Starting 10th grade, his last year at school.
He plans to find a  trainee job after this - Germany has this dual system, where people work at a company part time and take related classes at a kind of college.

Most of his grades are okay, but he really struggles with English. And his grade average and English grade can have a lot of influence on the jobs he can hope to get, and thus his future...

He really wants to work hard this year, but he's lacking confidence in his abilities.
Of course I'm working with him on grammar and such, but it would be a real highlight for him to have a real English speaking person as a pen pal.

So would someone be interested in helping?
Requirements would be:
- you can write correct English - British spelling preferred, since that's what is taught in Germany, but AE would be ok.
- you are patient enough to deal with the basic English of a 16-year-old boy from a rural area (or young enough to relate to him?)
- you are prepared to write a short email about every two weeks, at least until Christmas, perhaps until May next year if it works out well

The topics would not have to be personal, you would talk about your hometown, about daily life in your country, favourite movies - things like that.
I would receive your email, print the text and give it to Simon in his tutoring lessons. He would write a response, with my help if required, which I then type up and send back.
You can of course feel free to cut me out as a go-between at some point if you feel so inclined :)

What do you think?



(Btw, if you still find weird mistakes in my text, that would be because the autocorrect on my mobile is set to German... )

Em hotep!

I am older than 18, if this is an issue, but if not, feel free to PM me. I would be interested in helping out, and would be able to meet the e-mail per two weeks requirement as pen palling has been my hobby for years. Living in Ireland, I speak fluent English and know the differences between AE and BE and can use BE if needed.

Senebty :)

That sounds great!  You have a PM...


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