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New Year Oracles: Last Call Clarifying Divination

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Iwy em hotep nefer, everyone! -henu-

I am sorry to say that in lieu of the recent events in my life, I will no longer be able to offer divinatory services to this Temple. 

I am being stripped of my capacity to divine and prophecy by my Ancestral Gods to help my initiation into another religion settle right. 

I'm posting to see if anyone had any last minute divination needs pertaining to last year's Oracles.  Please, no new requests.  I am mostly aiming this at anyone I may not have gotten to. 

I'm sorry it's like this.  I wanted to be around a little longer but it appears as though the Gods have other plans for me

Thank you and senebty,

Rev. Tjemsy:
Thank you so much for everything you have done for this community. <3 Will you still be on the forums, or are you being pulled away entirely?

Wishing you the best with this next step on your journey. Echoing what Tjemsy said -- both gratitude for your service and also curiosity as to whether or not we will still get to see you here as well?

Rev. Neshnyt:
Thank you for the services you have offered and your presence here. I hope we might still be able to see you around the forums, and I wish you all the best on your new paths.

I am grateful for your service. You have a true gift, and I hope the calling you are taking on brings you joy and all good things.


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