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Violation of contract?

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Em Hotep everyone!
First of all, I apologize if it's the wrong place to post it and feel free to move it to the right place on the forums. :)

My post is more of a rant but any feedback is appreciated. In the end of October ends my 2 year volunteering contract with my volunteering agency. My job is one of a teacher. So the rules are simple:
1. Each week a volunteer has to work 40 hours a week. The person in charge at our job can allow us a temporary condition of less hours per week but we have to cover them later by working extra.
2. Each year, the volunteers have 22 holiday days off and 20 sick days off (we need to add a note from a doctor if we take them). These days off can't be moved from one year to another. There is an option to volunteer 1 year and there's an option for 2 years. It's my second year now.

So during the first 2 months of my first year, my boss didn't have a fixed schedule for me and told me I'd cover the lacking hours later. I lacked 60 hours, which I later covered by working 45 hours a week for the next 3 months. My coordinator from the volunteering agency knew and she agreed.

Recently, by the end of my second year (I have 17 holiday days left), my coordinator told me last week that those extra hours I worked didn't count because "extra hours only count for that specific month". And I'd have to use my holiday days to cover for the lacking hours.
I read my agency's policy about lacking hours and nowhere it's said that extra hours count only for that specific month.
I ask myself several questions:
1. Why did she tell me this only now? The papers with extra hours "weren't fixed" in the system. And I sent them to her twice.
2. Holiday days can't be moved from year to year so... how does she plan to "cover" the lacking hours?

I sent her the screenshots in whatsapp with my agency's policy about extra hours and asked my boss to talk with her. He said he would. In the worst case scenario I'd turn to a lawyer.

But for the time being, I often encounter thoughts of anxiety here and there. I try to calm myself down but it's excruciating. /end of rant
Technically I have the upper hand but... grrr... -sigh-

Any thoughts?

Em hotep nefer, Gleb! :)

By the sound of things, you're doing your best by the rules to advocate for yourself in the face of unfairness, whether that unfairness is intentional or unintentional. Whatever the outcome, whether or not there is an immediate and favorable resolution, your good conduct will ultimately serve you well.

Whether your coordinator is simply ignorant of company policy or is doing something deliberately antagonistic, the problem is now in your boss's hands. You've done what you can, and all that's left to do is manage yourself well through whatever becomes of the situation. The only person you can control is yourself, and the only responses -- emotional and verbal -- that you can manage are your own responses. I know it's not as simple as telling yourself to "just stop being anxious," but do try to remind yourself that you've been responsible for your end of things, and that you can only cross proverbial bridges when you come to them. If it's affecting you outside of work hours, try doing puzzles, or meditating, or whatever it is that takes you out of your own head for a little while. Be good to yourself, and try to keep in mind that you're not a "bad" or "irresponsible" person for not allowing a particular problem (that you don't have a great deal of control over!) to consume your every waking thought. :)

Senebty, and I'll be keeping you in my prayers. <3

Many prayers, Gleb! Sedjfai said pretty much everything that I was thinking. I especially hope that it's just a matter of the coordinator not knowing the rules, and a chat with your boss will straighten things out. <3


Thanks very much, Sedjfaiemitui and Gezausenu! ^_^ It means a lot to me. I agree the best thing to do now is to trust my boss to resolve the situation.

I guess I'll use my holiday days to rest in the time left and in the worst situation work 9 more days after my contact expires. I need this rest. Thanks a lot. <3

You are in my prayers.  When facing uncertainties like this, anxiety makes a mess out of me, so I can empathize with your feelings. Best of luck!


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