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Blessings for Dr. Banks

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Em hotep, friends!

This past week, my cat Friend became quite ill with urinary issues. The clinic nudged us in to see a vet different from from my primary one; I found her to be rather lacking in bedside manner, particularly as I was wrestling with not having unlimited money to spare for vet bills right now.

As Friend continued to have bad days, I called / e-mailed the clinic to ask to please speak with Dr. Banks, my regular vet, because I never thought I'd be in a situation where money is an issue, but I am, and I just wasn't comfortable having that conversation with the strange new vet who'd taken over Friend's case (and given us very limited treatment). Originally they refused, but eventually relented. Dr. Banks proceeded to call me after the clinic closed and said "Here's how we treat this on a budget. Come in tomorrow for a tech appointment."

Now, the doctor we'd seen last week tested Friend's urine, and basically said to give him wet food and come back next week for another $200 worth of tests and added "I can never tell which way a cat like him will go." I was honestly beginning to panic.

So we went in to see a tech today--which wouldn't involve seeing the doctor, thereby saving me the office visit fee--and there was Dr. Banks with subcutaneous fluids, a muscle relaxant, pain meds, an appetite stimulant (as Friend hasn't been eating--but he needs to!), and multiple bags / cans of urinary tract diet food--"I think they're [censored]," she said, "but I want you to have them in case you ever need them."

And after all of that--probably hundreds of dollars' worth of care and food and other office fees--she only charged me $22 for the pain meds and told me to call her on Monday.

Friend's not out of the woods, but I know that now we have an ally. Gods bless Dr. Banks. Prayers / blessings for her would be deeply appreciated; I honestly don't know where he and I would be without her.


Nekhtet for Dr Banks!

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Prayers for Dr. Banks, and for Friend. I'm glad you were able to get him the care he needed. <3

Prayers for your cat, Gezausenu!  I'm so good you found a good doctor alley, though.

Senebty, <3

Thank you, friends. <3

Further prayers for Friend would be deeply appreciated. If the pain medicine was supposed to make him "stoned", well, then he's been on a bad trip. I called the emergency clinic and got mixed advice; Friend's still eating, drinking and using the litterbox, so at least he's not completely blocked or something scary like that . . . but his behavior is incredibly atypical and distressing to watch. I'm hoping it's either just because he's grumpy and / or the medication's still in his system. I'll be calling Dr. Banks first thing tomorrow. <3

My poor old man. :(


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