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In memory of my dog

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Em hotep,

Today I had to make the hard decision and put my best friend Mindy to sleep due to congestive heart failure - her temperature dropped to a very low number, her lungs were giving out and her heart was three times the size it should be. Mindy was a Jack Russell Terrier with a bit of Corgi in her. She was 17 and a half and I have had her for 11 years. She was an incredibly lucky dog and never had any problems until now. Tomorrow I will be bringing her back to be cremated. Any prayers for her safe journey onward would be appreciated. Her loss is harder than I anticipated it to be. :'(

Thank you, and senebty. <3

Em hotep Deborah *henu*

I am sorry for your loss.  I am praying for you and Mindy.

Prayers for you and Mindy.

It sounds like Mindy had a wonderful life with you. <3 I'm sure she knew (and knows still, from wherever good dogs go) that she's loved. Many prayers for you. <3

It’s never easy, but their love is so precious.

You are both in my prayers.

I i


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