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desperate prayer for friend

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With her permission, I am posting this here. My friend's (like a sister to me) ex is threatening to take their child away in terminating her parental rights, and is going as far as turning in false claims of bed bugs, etc., and dragging her to court (again)on Tuesday. This man is a danger to the child; he doesn't fill his asthma medication, doesn't take him to his dr. and therapist appointments, and is constantly bad mouthing his mother in front of him. The step-mother is just as bad, and is just as neglectful. This doesn't hurt just the boy involved, but my friend's other two children as well. She's asking for as much positive energy sent her way as possible. her name is Candice. Thank you!


Many, many prayers for Candice and her son and the other kiddos. It breaks my heart to hear about kids being caught in the crossfire of parental poop, especially after (or during) divorces, and even more especially when some party involved isn't taking care of the kiddo in question. :(

So many prayers that the judge sees through this fellow's lies and Candice's son is able to stay with her, always. <3 May Papa Set and Mama Sekhmet give her comfort and strength, and may Djehuty bless her speech so that the judge hears her well on Tuesday.

Many prayers. Much love. What are the boys names?

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Keegan is directly affected, the other two are Starr (f) and Kyle.


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