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Em hotep!

Whilst studying, I was trying to think of ways to bring Anpu (He is the god I am currently researching in depth) into my life directly and use my own personal "gifts" to help others. I am a little apprehensive about it, but I have contacted a funerary home who may allow me to shadow some of the employees. If all goes well, there may be some opportunities for volunteer work after.

It got me curious, does anyone else do work in their "mundane" life that they attribute to their parent deities or deities they worship?

Em hotep! *henu*

I always had a fascination with first responders (paramedics, firefighters & police), which lead me to go into law enforcement and investigations. I even did personal studies and gained certificates in the other two areas to have enough basic skills needed for several types of emergencies. This I attribute to my Father Heru in many ways!

A lot of my hobbies are creative and/or art oriented, and that is my Mother Hethert's domain. I've been trying to branch out in this again and return to old hobbies I stopped (like music playing & composing). I also want to start a business for creative things. But when I think about all my interests or pursuits in general, they really do reflect my Parents well. So you are not alone in that!

And I wish you the best of luck with the funeral home volunteering, I hope you get the position!


Em Hotep!

This sounds like very interesting work to do, and I’m glad you have this opportunity at the funerary home. If you’re comfortable I hope you’ll share how it works out and if it brings you any insights to Netjer.

I have long worked in feline rescue, preceding my association with the House, as a means to worship Mother Bast. I include Sekhmet in that now. And I think my long standing interest in a variety of ‘dead guys’, as an author and a scholar as well as a human person, may owe something to Sokar-Wesir as a Beloved.

I’ll be interested to hear others’ experiences and thoughts on this!

Sat Sekhmet-Hethert her Bast, Meryt Shu her Sokar-Wesir.

Em hotep!

I presently run a business in which I make magical oils, incense, and powder; this is named for and dedicated to my Father Yinepu.

In the past I worked as an RN, way before I had begun working with Yinepu/Wepwawet, Heru Sa Aset, and Sekhmet...but as I learn more about Them, I see Their presence very prevalent in my practice.


Em hotep!

Not much in my professional life is related to my Father, Yinepu, though I almost did go into funerary work! However, I'm not too comfortable at being around the mourning, and am not sure how good I'd be at organizing funerals - I was more interested in the actual undertaker type work (cleaning and prepping bodies for burial), not the funeral direction, and since my home state is so small, I'd have to do both :c So that didn't happen.

But! I do have a hobby that definitely is Dad-approved - I collect taxidermy! And once I'm in a more suitable apartment, or preferably a home of my own ownership, I intend to learn to preserve animals and skins myself! It may not be humans, but I'd say taxidermy is pretty Yinepu-influenced! ;D



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