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Divination for the benefit of others


Hello everyone,

Some backstory - I have been practicing divination in the form of tarot, runes, and recently oracle cards. I have been practicing for a few years now, and it is such an enjoyable and fulfilling thing for me.

One of my reading methods is a three card spread of my tarot deck, paired with a three rune draw. After the reading, I take the runes and create a sigil for the querent so that they may look back and remember the reading and remember the lesson. 

I am really interested in practicing and providing my divination to strangers. Currently, I only read for myself and my friends, and while this is enjoyable, there is more of a challenge to read for those you don't know.

So my question is that:

Do members here practice these types of divination?

Do members here provide their craft to other members here?

I saw a post regarding an oracle but I wasn't sure exactly what that entailed.

Disclaimer: I am not interested in charging for my practice. My 'payment' comes in the form of feeling like I helped someone understand themselves better. I practice my divination to honor my Netjer.

Em hotep!

Many members here practice various forms of divination, not just tarot!

Some members provide their craft for others, some only do so for specific events, some have businesses that they offer discounted or "donation to the house of X" for-readings!

You can offer readings for free easily but I would definitely limit how many you will take or you might get overwhelmed a bit! ^u^ People love tarot here! <3


Mainly runes for me, with some tarot and ogham thrown in.

Rev. Tjesi:
Love your idea of the sigil! And, yes, many offer divination services.

Rev Ellen Behrens
Awibemhethert (Ibi)

Em hotep!

I dont do it but I believe in it and I try to find a way to understand myself in a spiritual vision. So I think divination its a great one. If someone wish to do it with a member of the House, Im interested. Maybe it will be a great beginning :D


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