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What to do in eclipses and retrograde Mercury?


Em hotep, everyone! I'm one of the last new Remetjs from Brazil. I need to know something. Can someone help me, please?

How does Kemetic Orthodoxy face difficult aspects of planets in conventional astrology nowadays? I will mention here the feared retrograde Mercury that will stay like that until the first of August. Retrograde Mercury is thought to cause misunderstandings and delays in communication. How to act in this period of Mercury, for example?

And in other challenging aspects with Pluto and Saturn as there have been recently, for example: are there any Kemetic recommendations?

And eclipses: how should we proceed in, before and after eclipses, such as the recent ones, solar and lunar? Are there any recommendations?

Of course, in ancient Egypt the references to planetary sky and something similar to astrology were different. But what should we do today, according to the KO?

Thank you very much for your help.

Em hotep my fellow brazilian sister,

The astrology we know today has been introduced to Kemet in later periods, so they didn't really gave any importance to astrology.

As about the eclipses there are a lot of interest things about it here in the forum, but basically, they are not a good sign for us. I don't know if there's any tradicional thing they would do at the times of the eclipses, but a heka for protection of the eyes of Heru would be interesting.


Em hotep silvermoon,

As far as I am aware retrogrades were not something worried about in ancient Kemet. If you want to do something modern, I would ask Wepwawet to open the way to clear communication and understanding during that time.

For eclipses, they were not auspicious occasions and protective heka would have been done. Unfortunately I do not know of anything specific off the top of my head.

Thanks, Zat, for your response.
Your sugestion to ask for help to Wepwawet was very useful. Thank you very much.

And Hepetwi: you are always so kind to explain me 😘💕🙏🏼


When in doubt, pray! But seriously, prayers and heka for protection, guidance, etc., are always good plans when something is or feels “off.”


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