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What's your favorite Holiday?

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What's your favorite Kemetic holiday to celebrate and why?

Mine is definitely Aset Luminous because 1. She's my mother and it's one of Her most important rites, 2. It's really touching to me in any mean I can give it to it, it's a festival that can mess with the depths of my Heart
The Mysteries of Wesir are very special too, for some reason I get really dedicated to my Wesirian celebration hahaha

Rev. Tawa'u:
I have a deep fondness of Chewing Onions for Bast! :)
It's a festival that I can celebrate with my fiance, (with his love of onions) and we will make french onion soup and a dessert and offer them.  Once we made paper onions with things we wanted Bast/-Mut to devour and fed them into a flame.

Opet is also very important to me, with Mom being synced with Mut.

Beautiful Reunion. I love love. And that time when spring turns into summer and the days are long.

Rev. Shezatwepwawet:
Beautiful Reunion, Aset Luminous, and Wep Ronpet.

Beautiful Reunion!  Because it's Mama Hethert and love and reunion and joy!  (I too love the days of increasing sunlight.)



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