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Nofret Hathor:
Dear All,

Thank you very much for accepting my registration here. :)
Around two days ago I sent an E-mail to Rev. Tamara Siuda about the online membership and learning, but unfortunetally she hasn't answered me yet. I don't want to bother her, she must be really busy, so maybe you can help me with my questions. :) Maybe these were asked a lot before, so I'm terribly sorry if you have to read them again.

First of all, I am a 23-year-old Wicca from Europe, from Hungary. As far as I know, there are no Kemetic Orthodox shrines/temples here, but I would like to learn more about ancient Egypt's culture, religion and gladly worship a god or goddess (my all-time favourit is Anubis but I also have a strong connection with Bastet and Hathor too). I read everything I could about studying here and I was very happy that you are open for foreign candidates as well... But I don't know how I should imagine the process of online studying. I mean, I should join to a Skype or maybe Messenger call and speak with you via it, or I should join to a chatroom and have online chatting with the others.... It's an important question for me because I work in a plaza, in an optic shop and most of the time I have to work 10 or 11 hours a day and there's no system in my schedule. So, sometimes I have to work on weekends, too. I am afraid that I cannot join to study with the other candidates all the time. :(

Secondly, on kemet.org I saw that the beginner's course is free. Does it mean that for other courses I have to pay in the future if I pass the beginner's one? If yes, how much does a course cost?

Thank you if you read my long post and thank you if you can help me with these questions.

Blessed be,


Em hotep, NH!

At the time I did my beginners course it was taken via 1. e-mail, where we received all the materials and 2. an IRC chatroom where we would discuss the lessons. If you can't take the discussions all of the chatlogs are send to us via e-mail, where we can always contact the priests who are taken the course to ask anything.
If something I said has changed since when I did my beginners course, please someone let me known.

There are no other official House of Netjer courses aside from the beginners course, but our Nisut, Rev. Dr. Tamara do have her own courses that can all be found on https://courses.tamarasiuda.com/ and on her patreon page https://www.patreon.com/tsiuda but none of them are required to take to be part of the Kemetic Orthodox religion.


Em hotep, Nofret!

The beginner's class is designed to introduce you to all of the basics of the Kemetic Orthodox faith over the course of several written lessons. When I first joined (I presume this probably hasn't changed much in 18 years), these were distributed by email primarily with discussion on the forums and via chat. Your timezone or your work schedule should not at all be a problem, you might miss some of the live chats but the forums and email and private messages will always be open for you.

It is completely free and there are no additional 'intermediate / advanced' classes you have to take later. We are a faith / religion / spirituality, however you want to term it, so the Beginner's class is an intro to our practice and belief system so you can better decide if you'd like to move forward in following the Kemetic Orthodox path. If you choose to join and participate in the House after the Beginner's class is over, you will have new areas of the forums opened up to you and there is lots of material and discussion happening all the time! The lessons you learn in the Beginner's class are just the start of a greater journey, the tip of a much larger iceberg. :)

In the interest of transparency since you did bring up free vs. not-free, there is a small fee associated with RPD later on if you choose to proceed with it (RPD = Rite of Parent Divination, where you find out which Netjeru/Gods are your Parent(s) and Beloved(s)). That fee strictly covers the materials and offerings for this divination performed by Hemet(AUS) (Rev. Siuda) and I think the amount has not even changed since I was here in 2001.

No one to my knowledge has ever been barred from RPD if they can't afford it. Financial barriers are not something we're interested in here.

Hemet can be very busy and typically replies to emails on two days per week, so if you've sent an email please give Her some time to respond! In the mean time, feel free to ask as many questions as you like :)

~ Nesi

Em hotep and welcome!

The others have covered your questions quite nicely, so I would just like to say hello, and I hope that you enjoy the Beginners Class!

Nofret Hathor:
Thank you all very much for the answers! 😊 Rev. Tamara also sent me an e-mail about my questions, she is such a nice person, as you too. Thank you again. I can't wait to start the beginner's course. 😊


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