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Meset, meryt and sat.


Hello everybody.

I'm sorry if this question is obvious. I have looked at the glossary on Kemet.org and tried to use the search function here, but I haven't had any luck finding definitions for these terms. I see people with the terms "meset", "meryt" and "sat" in their forum signatures. What do these words mean?

Thank you ♥.

Em hotep!

sa and sat mean "son" and "daughter", respectively. meset means "born of". Usually this refers to a Shemsu's Parent or Parents via the RPD -- for example, I would say "meset Wepwawet her Sekhmet-Mut", which means "born of Wepwawet and Sekhmet-Mut".

meryt means "beloved". This usually refers to a Shemsu's Beloved(s) via the RPD. For example, I would say "meryt Bast her Nut her Khonsu her Nebt-het", which means "beloved of Bast and Nut and Khonsu and Nebt-het".

The previous comment really explained everything very well, just an addition: The -t ending (if not clear already) indicates the "feminine" form, so that's why you have "sat" vs. "sa" and "meryt" vs. "mery", you will commonly find these in people's signatures indicating Child or Beloved respectively.

If you are non-binary I would still go with "sat / meryt" as the qualifiers there, or the B1 vs. A1 signs (seated woman / seated man) in hieroglyphs, I've been told in discussion about the 'glyphs for my own name that the B1 / seated woman sign can also represent "third gender", or non-binary.

~ Nesi

Thank you both!


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