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New and uncertain.

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Hello :) Call me Ashlea. I'm currently in the process of discerning whether taking the Beginner Class is something that would benefit my service to Mehet-Weret.

Hello Ashlea!
The good thing about the beginner's class is that it is free, and you have no obligation to stay with the House afterwards. Truthfully, the best way to find out if it would benefit you is to take it and see! You don't have to stick with it if you don't like it. It is an overview of what Kemetic Orthodoxy is all about while putting you in contact with teachers that can answer any potential questions, and also isn't super time intensive :D

Em hotep and welcome. Feel free to poke about the forums as well. :)

Em hotep and welcome to you!

If you do decide to sign up for it, I hope you enjoy the Beginners Class - it’s only a few weeks long, and is more of an introduction to Kemetic Orthodoxy.

If you decide to stay on as Remetj, great!
If you decide it isn’t for you, that’s also great!

Em hotep and welcome!

You can always stick around until you are sure it's something you want to do - I waited about two or three months after sending in my application many years back. I figured, "why not?" I ended up staying on after I found that it worked for me, but every step was slow and deliberate because that's how I wanted it to be. I hope that no matter what you may choose, now or later, that your path leads you to bright places where your devotion to Mehet-Weret only grows. 🙂



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