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Anthology on netjeri available open access!

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Em hotep everyone,

Information about netjeri (often dubbed demons in Egyptology texts) isn't exactly plentiful and often in expensive academic texts which are hard to get. A new anthology edited by Kasia Szpakowska called Demon Things: Ancient Egyptian Manifestations of Liminal Entities is available as an open access publication right now. You'll need to download all the articles to get the full volume but this is a rare chance to get hold of a great deal of material on netjeri.

Enjoy! This is the March 2020 issue, should the link text change later.

Only info about the journal and how to subscribe is "open access".  Subscription info is that for one individual, it is 40 dollars a year (covering four issues).

Link to subscription info:

You may belong to an institution that has a subscription.  Still, not hideously expensive, if one doesn't.

Thank you, Zat!


I'll double check that at home but you should be able to download all the pdfs down the page.

For me, only the first four items:
About This JournalPDF Open Access i
Editorial PersonnelPDF Open Access ii
Guide for ContributorsPDF Open Access iii
Subscription Information

The rest is subscription only....

This is message upon click through:

Subscription or article purchase required to access item. To verify subscription, access previous purchase, or purchase article, log in to journal.

it's all showing up as available to me, Neheh. have you tried looking at it on a different device, maybe?


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