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Hello everyone!

I hope youre all well!

Ive been trying to get myself out of my fallow period by researching and connecting with some of the Netjeru in my lineup that I havent had much experience on and the one that has been constantly on my mind is Nit-Nebthet-Seshat.

They've always been a bit hard for me to wrap my head around, so I was wondering, how do you all tend to view them? What are your experiences with them? What offerings do you think are appropriate?

Im unsure of how They work as as a whole, and any perspective would be much appreciated from me! <:)


Come along to the Names of Netjer chat in 20 minutes. next week. Nit is one of the Names being featured.

Meanwhile, some hints on offerings to Nit:
I've found Nit likes offerings that I would like, something that I would immediately enjoy as part of my next meal, but perhaps that's because She's my Mom!
I've found that, while She likes vodka, She prefers something with herb and seed extracts in it like absinthe.
And given the choice of frankincense, myrrh, amber, and sandalwood, She chose Sandalwood during Senut.

Edit: last minute postponing to next week.

Also there is Hemet (AUS)'s book Nebt-het: Lady of the House. As the title suggests, it's primarily about Nebt-het, but it also has short chapters on Nit and Seshat.

In my book, Flaming Lioness, I have some  ancient hymns for Nit and Nebet Het and Seshat (all separately). 

I tend to really only get Nebet Het.  I rarely get Seshat or Nit in my personal practice.

I get Nebthet and I get Nit, but in my experience, they are very different from each other.  Nebthet is such a gentle, loving presence.  Nit is the ancient Great Grandmother, mother of Ra and Grandmother of Hethert.  She has a power that in some ways is more intense than that of Set.  She shields me with her great shield.  (And she loves all of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.)  There's a fierceness to that love, in some ways more fierce than that of Sekhmet.  I'm so glad to be getting to know them more.

I don't have much experience yet with Seshat....



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