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OwO Hewwo.....

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Hewwo!!! I'm Neko (or Eunha)! I use They/It pronouns and I'm somewhat new to Kemetic Religion!!!

I've looked into it before but I suppose it wasn't the time to get involved due to outside forces and my own apprehensiveness to any kind of religion (due to childhood stuff) but maybe it just wasn't the right time!!

I've been looking into Bast(et), Sekhmet-Hethert and Nebthet!! I've also looked into a few others of the non-Kemetic variety but I mean! This is for Kemetic Religion!

Sorry, I'm rambling! I'm a bit nervous, I'm very excited though to meet people and to learn! Anything and everything is welcome!!

Welcome, Neko!!!!

Em hotep and welcome! Feel free to look around the forum and ask questions. :)

Em hotep and welcome

Em Hotep! Welcome!  I hope you find all the information you seek


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