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Em hotep!

I've been getting some taps and pings from a deity, and after some divination, I've discovered it's Hethert-Nut! I'm very curious if anyone has any sort of information on Her because I'm incredibly eager to learn everything I can.

Thank you in advance!

Em hotep, Nix!

I don't know much about Her but She does sound a lot Mehet-Weret for me lol, we had a discussion on Her a few months ago:

Hepetwi <3

Ah, thank you very much! I'll give this a read! :)


Hethert-Nut is my Mother. The above thread linked that mentions Hethert-Nut really is on point for me. I definitely get the encompassing, wide, loving all-nurturing mother. Very watery, life giving. My favorite imagery is Hethert as the cow coming out of the reeds with Taweret at the fore. While I have some statuary which is the full cow form, I definitely appreciate the icon I made with her having cow features (ears and horns with wide expressive face). I offer her a lot of sweet, watery things (melons, berries etc).


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