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Em Hotep, everyone!

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I'm Neheh's spouse (for the past quarter-century or so) and while we were both listening to Hemet's interview on the "Glitch Bottle" podcast last night, I found many common points with her life experiences of the gods and goddesses of Egypt and the Ancient World generally--- liked her general approach, background, and sensitivity, and felt that participation with you all would be time well spent! Perhaps Hathor has been the One who has "broken through" many times in life in times of need and moments of joy. Perhaps she is the one whom I've known as "the Emerald Lady" since childhood days. Intriguingly, one day at an antiques show here in Yuma, a little brooch caught my attention amid a huge pile of trinkets and such, and the seller let me have Her for about $5. That brooch was a beautiful Alva museum reproduction of Hathor in gold finish. I think they are no longer produced, but I delighted in the little treasure which found me! It is often in the rather mundane settings that true magic happens... at least it is so with me. :)

Em hotep and welcome!

I hope you enjoy the forums!


Em hotep and welcome, Julia! I hope you enjoy your time here. <3

em hotep and welcome, Julia :)

Thank you for the kind welcome!

My great 'hobby' for the past seven years or so has involved a communion with my ancestors, my akhu, through serious work on genealogy and family history as far back as it proves possible to reach, using all the DNA matching and online tools available... and the success of it has been more astonishing than could have been imagined in the wake of the sudden passing of my brother in 2012. I feel them with me as a wide community and enjoy learning of their times and places.



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