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Hello there!

I wanted to reach out to some of the members of the KO/HoN regarding their experiences in the faith and experiences with the Netjeru. I’ve been doing some research recently and wanted to see if this is the path for me. I’m still a minor (one more year) but I’ve felt connections with the Netjeru and am eager to learn more and explore! I had a few questions that popped into my head yesterday and I decided that this would obviously be the best place to ask them!

Were any of you ever worried about diving into KO? When did you know that this was the path for you? Had you worked with the Netjeru before becoming a Remetj/Shemsu/Shemsu-Ankh? What are little things I can do to welcome the Netjeru and Ma'at into my life since I can’t take the online class quite yet?

Thank you so much to those who reach out. I’m truly grateful to you all.

Em hotep (in peace) and welcome!

I’m curious, are there any particular Netjeru you’ve felt connections with?

Also, to answer your questions:

Yeah, I was initially worried about diving into KO, but now, a few years down the line, it was one of the best choices I’ve made. The Beginners Class made for a great introduction to the faith and their practice,

Before I joined KO, I’d never worked with the Netjeru.
And whilst I didn’t understand why Bast and Sobek stood out to me so much - now I know! And I’m still learning and strengthening my connection with Them.

As for getting a connection/invitation to talk going, a glass of cool water never goes wrong! It’s like getting to know someone new, or inviting a guest into your home.
(Bearing in mind the beginners class will ask that you don’t focus on any particular Name during the class duration)

Warmest wishes,

Em hotep and welcome!

My name's Khenne. I joined these forums at 16, became a remetj at 18, and have now been here for almost nine years! :) I can relate to your experiences exploring the religion as a minor. I had family that wouldn't approve of me joining the faith at the time (they were Southern Baptist), so I did wait. However, minors can take our class with consent of their guardians, if that is something you think they would allow you to do. We do have a few members with children who are also members, should they want to talk with another adult or our priesthood before consenting to such a thing.

--- Quote from: NorthSpirit on April 23, 2020, 12:39:45 pm ---Were any of you ever worried about diving into KO?
--- End quote ---
Oh totally. I was very anti-authoritarian. And being a small religion, anyone who had any negative thoughts or experiences about the temple had loudly expressed them at the time. However, there were not a lot of groups doing Kemetic religion that I could find, and community is very dear to me, so I gave it a shot. Frankly, I couldn't be happier. I've had three roommates now that I met through the House. I've made friends with people from walks of life I would never have dreamed of, I've learned a great deal about myself through them. Many of these people I've come to see as my blood family.

Like any community, Kemetic Orthodoxy isn't perfect. When you group several hundred people, each with their own cultural and psychological backgrounds, in one place online, they'll clash. I've been one of those people. But largely, I've found our members able to overcome situations of misunderstanding, and when there has been genuine malicious intent, it has been addressed. I appreciate that. If any negative reviews of the religion have you concerned, I'm happy to address these things with you privately.

--- Quote ---When did you know that this was the path for you?
--- End quote ---
I genuinely think part of being in the House is constantly re-knowing if this is the path for me. There is nothing stopping any member from stepping down from one rank to another, or leaving altogether. By the time I left my beginners' class, I had formed fast bonds with community members that I wanted to deepen, so at that time staying as a remetj made sense. Six months later, I had my RPD, and having gotten further involved in the faith, I decided to become a shemsu. I wanted to continue exploring my relationships with the Netjeru in the context of the people I'd gotten to know over the years I'd spent in the forums. I chose to become a Shemsu-ankh because I wanted to give back in acts of service to the community that, frankly, helped raise me in the years since I first came here.

Along the way, things have made me question that path - both events in the community and in my personal life. But it's always been my choice to continue being here, because this community has brought me endless joy over the years, helped me grow emotionally and spiritually, and supported me through some of my darkest hours.

Notice I say community here, not gods. Yes, my gods have been great supporters, teachers, and bringers of joy in my life, but I don't need Kemetic Orthodoxy to love and be loved by the Netjeru. Joining the House is not a decision about worshiping the Netjeru in a Kemetic fashion. Anyone can do that. It's a choice about becoming part of a group of other people.

--- Quote ---Had you worked with the Netjeru before becoming a Remetj/Shemsu/Shemsu-Ankh?
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Yes! I started worshiping Bast around the time I was eight. In the beginner's class, we dive more into what being a remetj/shemsu/shemsu-ankh means, but there are time limits in place. One has to go through the beginners' class (~3 months) before joining the house as a remetj (a member who has taken no vows). A remetj has to be a practicing member of the faith for six months before taking shemsu vows (to uphold Kemetic Orthodoxy as their primary religion, and the gods of their RPD as their primary gods). A shemsu must have honored those vows for a year before taking shemsu-ankh vows, which can only be done at an in-person ritual, and a further year between those vows and the vows of priesthood.

These waiting periods exist to encourage people to better know their gods, their community, and their selves before stepping into a role with additional responsibilities.

Some people do take the beginners' class (and even join as remetj) without actively worshiping the gods beforehand (or after). These people are generally supportive family or friends of members who want to understand what their loved one is doing. :)

--- Quote ---What are little things I can do to welcome the Netjeru and Ma'at into my life since I can’t take the online class quite yet?

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Opportunities are as endless as you. As Temi said, water and bread are perfect offerings for all our gods, and ones that can be very subtle. Make things - not perfect things, but things that make you happy - and invite the gods to share in that - draw, write, glue construction paper, sculpt, sew, whatever. Read widely. If you can't have a shrine in your home, make one digitally - I have one in Animal Crossing right now! Try meditating. Go on walks and observe the landscapes.

Whatever you do, if you do it with intention, you do with the gods too.

Hope this helps. :)


--- Quote from: Temimensenu on April 23, 2020, 01:26:05 pm ---I’m curious, are there any particular Netjeru you’ve felt connections with?
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Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the welcome! The Netjer I have felt closest to is Bast. I realized recently that She has sent signs throughout my life that I apparently had neglected before. The first I can only assume was the golden cat pin that was passed down to me from my grandmother, possibly Bast telling me to honor my ancestors. The most recent of these signs has been a hoard of strays. For the past few months I've had a group of three or four cats lingering around my house. They're mostly nocturnal but have actively brushed up against my car and my car alone. I'm sure there were many more so I'm going to be actively looking out for them. So far She has been the only one. I'm hoping to introduce myself to more of the Netjeru soon.

Rev. Tawa'u:
Em Hotep and welcome, friend!

At the start of my Kemetic journey, I had no desire to join a temple.  It was just me and Bast for a while.  Slowly, and with Her influence, I desired more, especially community, and I signed up to the beginner's class. 

To me, it sounds like you've already taken some good steps to invite the Netjeru into your life!  Small devotional acts (like caring for the cats) certainly help, but also spend some time and just chat.  Sit and enjoy some tea with Bast.  Sometimes all we have to do is introduce ourselves and see where it leads us.  :)


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