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Not a reintroduction

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I'm Selene, and I am a headmate in the system known as Tai'awepwawet. Until recently that name was solely used by Rowan/Isha, but I live to make things complicated.

I still consider myself fairly agnostic as a person, however I have read the beginners lessons thoroughly, and been both doing and sharing in Kemetic Orthodox ritual practice (albeit infrequently for health reasons) for a few months now. The rules on plurals are, I think, a bit interesting, I don't think I as an individual have to reapply for and be granted membership status, but I would personally identify as a Divined Remetj at this point if I had the option.

I am building a relationship with the Gods of our collective line up, though I have a strong draw to Sobek, which as someone who has until recently been very areligious, is confusing for me. Which is not to say it is neither interesting nor enjoyable in its own way.

I can be quite quiet all things considered, but an introduction seemed to be worth doing at least, particularly as we will be trying to remember to sign posts from now on.

And so, hello.


Em hotep and welcome, Selene!

If ever you’d like to talk about Sobek one day, I always love talking (and gushing) about my Dad.

Warmest wishes,

Welcome Selene! :)

Rev. Tawa'u:
Em hotep and welcome Selene!  It is good to meet you!

A very warm welcome, Selene!  :D


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