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Author Topic: Deities of Love, the Sea and Wealth (or leaving behind one pantheon to focus on KO fully)  (Read 1466 times)

Offline mercymagpie

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Do any of the Netjeru help fulfil these descriptions?

Since leaving Christianity, I've tended to work with the Greek pantheon, but I feel like I'm unable to fulfil a 'worship' to them in the way they deserve, if that makes sense. By becoming a member of the KO I can honour the Netjeru fully by learning about them, the ins and outs of worship without accidental disrespect, and more importantly, I have a willingness to learn here. While I feel like Apollon guided me to this world, I feel like I'm ready to move on and I'm sure the sentiment is understood.

With that backstory said, there are a few correspondences I'm having trouble finding. For aspects of the Earth like forests, things like travel and the arts it's easy for me to make a correlation (Geb, Ra and Ptah), but what about something like unconditional love in all forms, the sea (which probably wasnt as important as the river Nile), and wealth? I light candles regularly for self love, help with finances and I have a big project coming up to do with algae and I'd love to direct that energy as a request for the Netjeru. I've asked Djehuty for help with writing before, that's seemed to help.

Generally I try to use my intuition for these sorts of things but it seems to be failing me here, any help is very much appreciated :)

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Offline Rev. Ma'atnofret

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Em hotep,

Really all of the gods can connect with love. There are many gods over quite a lot of things, so there is no ones god of a certain thing.’ Lots of options for you there.
Sekhmet is also fiercely loving. :)

If you go through the beginners class you would be asked to not focus on any specific god, to allow an openness for any/all of the gods to approach. So being open to who comes through may also be a great approach with these.
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Offline Senuwierneheh

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Big Love from Netjer is always going to mean (for me) Hethert (Hathor), but then as a Hethert kid, I'm a bit prejudiced.  Set has some awesome love, too.  ("Not prejudiced" there, either, being Set kid....)

Like Ma'atnofret said, all the Netjeru can have the big love for us.

Senuwierneheh (My Two, forever)
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Offline Rev. Tawa'u

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Em Hotep!

All of the Names are very loving!
I definitely feel big loving energy from (Bast-)Mut, being the Mother, but I may be biased...

Open yourself and experience Them, the ones you may not have met. :)

When I was in the beginners class, Djehuty was introducing me to many Names. It was a good time.
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Offline Sa-ta-Aset

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agreeing with the others, who fits those roles best is up to you and your Netjeru

for me, unconditional love comes in the form of my mother, Aset and also Sekhmet. i associate Ptah-Sokar-Wesir with the sea, and Wepwawet with opening the way for wealth and prosperity
meset Aset
meryt Wepwawet her Djehuty
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Offline Khenenwy

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Also bumping the message of "many Netjeru do many things, and can have many 'correspondences' as you put it". If no one is coming up for specific things quite yet, perhaps it is on purpose? As others have said you will be asked to focus on the Netjeru as a whole, so just enjoy the ride and try not to get caught up in specifics :D
For me, unconditional love can be found in Hethert. She is very good for self-love, and that overwhelming warm snuggly feeling. The ocean, I am biased, but is associated with Khonsu for me. He is the moon, which has modern scientific links, but He also has an attested epithet as "Lord of the Ocean". I get Him as very deep blue-green and watery much of the time, in this form. There are many for wealth (it happens when most Gods are described as having bodies made of gold and precious stones!), but if I had to pick the "strongest" associations to that would be Amun-Ra, or Ptah-Sokar (as He is patron of goldsmiths/metalsmiths).
Meset Set her Khonsu
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Offline mercymagpie

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  • Country: gb
Thank you everyone! I feel loads of love coming from your posts even, I'll be sure to be open to whoever decides to present themselves :)

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Offline Nesiwepwawet

  • Shemsu-Ankh
  • Country: ca

For me, my Father embodies unconditional love. I presume the same will be found amongst all of the members here that their Parents will be Love in so many ways :)

Thinking outside of that, the first to come to mind would be Hethert when I think about Love.

Hapi embodies the very River Nile itself and its flooding. There is no reason at all that cannot also correspond to the sea. Why not? The Nile flows through Egypt and empties into the Mediterranean Sea after all. Tefnut is another that comes to mind, She is water/moisture.

For money I might go more abstract to the idea of fortune, and Renenutet comes to mind as She relates to fate.

~ Nesi
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Offline TahekerutAset

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I think all of the Gods and Goddesses grant unconditional love to their devotees.  if you honor Them, They will grant you blessings and aid. 

For self love, I would go to the goddesses of love: Aset, Hethert, Mut or Bast. 

For wealth, I'd look to prosperity deities: Hethert and Aset as Ladies of Prosperity.  Bast, Bes and Taweret can bring protection and wealth to the household. 
TahekerutAset "Aset's Jewel"
Sat Aset
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Offline Tjemsy

  • W'ab (priest)
  • Country: us
Em hotep and welcome! <3 I am just going to throw out there that you don't have to drop any other pantheon for KO, if you don't wish to. We have many members who honor deities from other pantheons, and there is no rule against this. I've never worked with the Greek pantheon, but I do have a lingering fondness for Apollon myself, coming from my love of Greek myth growing up. I don't think there's anyone quite like him in the Kemetic pantheon, and while there are deities who may share associations with the Theoi, there is no direct translation for them. It is also notable that we don't really have a "God of Love" or whatnot, just that sometimes some deities may have a stronger association with some things than others. All of the Netjeru can fulfill multiple functions, and even those not traditionally associated with a thing can still help with that thing.

For Love, everyone is likely to name their own personal deities. I would like to present Set as profoundly loving, as I feel he is too often understood as a solely "aggressive" deity. Sekhmet, as well, though I feel people are more likely to go to her than Set because of that "feminine deities are mothers and mothers are loving" thing that a lot of people have going on.

Generally speaking, I would say Hethert/Hathor hands-down. She's probably the most likely to be listed as a "Goddess of Love" on the Internet, and has associations with motherhood and femininity. Additonally, one of our Big Holidays, The Beautiful Reunion, is a great celebration of the love between her and her husband Heru-Wer (Horus the Great, or Horus as the son of Geb and Nut/Nuit rather than the Horus who is the son of Aset/Isis and Wesir/Osiris). The Reunion is centered around the happy couple finally reuniting after a long time apart. Bast is often suggested as a deity particularly interested in promoting self-love, though imo Hethert seems to tend toward romantic love as well as self-love. Aset/Isis is less often explicitly associated with love, but can be understood as the loving mother of Heru-sa-Aset (Horus the Younger), and wife of Wesir/Osiris. When Wesir is killed by Set so he can become the King of the Duat, Aset mourns. There are two Big Holidays associated with this, Aset Luminous and the Wesir Mysteries. I would also like to submit Nebthet/Nephthys, as Lady of Compassion. She also loved Wesir, and mourns him alongside her sister Aset, also having a role in the Wesir Mysteries ("the Lamentations of Aset & Nebthet"). Nebthet is heavily associated with the Duat and the Akhu (the blessed dead). She is known as their caretaker and Queen, and is said to comfort those in mourning as well as those in the process of crossing over. Mut is strongly associated with motherhood and queenship.

For Wealth, many people offer coins to Heru-Wer, and seem to find that he has a particular interest in helping people with financial matters, as well as matters of employment. Wepwawet is the Opener of Ways. He is possibility and change and opportunity, so he's good to go to for pretty much anything, finances included. I also find him to be interested in travel, and personally offer him coins from around the world. He might be a little Hermes-esque in that regard, at least as much as any Kemetic deity can be. ^^; It is also notable that in KO, this year is considered to be His Year, so he's like to be even more active now than usual. You could also argue for the inclusion of any deity associated with fertility, but I'm thinking of Hapi specifically. He is the Nile, and the Inundation gives "wealth" to the land. There are also a lot of deities with the epithet "Lady of Gold."

For the Sea, there aren't really any Netjeru associated with it specifically imo. I find that many devotees of Sobek also associate him with the sea, though he doesn't have any historical connection with it that I am aware of. Hapi is associated with the Nile and the Inundation. Tefnut is associated with water and moisture.

EDIT: WOW this is long. Sorry about that. ^^; I have edited to space things out so hopefully it's less of a wall of text.
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Tjemsy - "Two Red Ones"

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Offline mercymagpie

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Tjemsy, thank you so so much for such a detailed answer! I wish I could pin it up somewhere haha, I learned a lot from it :) I have two more questions stemming from that, does Wepwawet's year last until this coming Wep Ronpet and then someone else take over? One of the things that brought me here was the Nisut's Egyptian Daybook and I'm slowly going through it based on a Wep Ronpet of Aug 1st, does the KO community have a set, internal calendar or do they figure out dates individually?

Again, thank you so much to you and everyone who's replied, I love how friendly you all are here :))

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Offline Sa-ta-Aset

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Wepwawet's year lasts until Wep Ronpet, yes. prior to that, Aset gives Hemet the yearly oracle and tells her whose year it will be

we have a relatively set calendar based on our Nisut's location in Portland. Wep Ronpet falls on August 5th based on that calendar
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Offline Sedjfaiemitui

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Em hotep nefer, Mercymagpie! :D

Concerning "The Sea," in Egyptian there are some conventional and unconventional manners in which this is identified, and there is not simply one "Sea" :

The first and most obvious is Wadj-Wer, meaning "Great Green," Who is perhaps best understood as the Divine personification of the Mediterranean Sea. It must be emphasized that Wadj-Wer is specific to the Mediterranean Sea, though. He isn't "all saltwater bodies." Different and foreign bodies of water -- rivers, lakes, and seas -- as far afield as Mesopotamia (e.g., pXr-wr, loosely translated "The Great Meanderer," for the Euphrates River) had their own unique names in Egyptian documents, and there's not a discernible emphasis on "empersoned" Divinity for ALL of them that I've yet seen or been made aware of. Not all bodies of water were equal to Ancient Egyptians, in that respect: Not all rivers in the world are Hapi, and not all seas in the world are Wadj-Wer. Hapi and Wadj-Wer are tied to very specific natural features, which each possess very specific religious meanings and ritual significances.

Nun is conventionally described in Western translations as "The Primaeval Ocean," but in more of a "nativized" understanding, He's among numerous things a source of freshwater, the subterranean source of the Nilotic flood (Hapi) which must be "called forth/up from His Cavern." "Primaeval Waters" is thus a fairer translation of the encoded Egyptian nuances, there. This is expounded upon in various funerary texts. Nun is a bit different from both Hapi and Wadj-Wer in that Nun is not tied to any specific, physical body of water on Planet Earth. Nun is -- in addition to being the source of "Undifferentiated Everythingness" prior to the Creator's "First Time," a source which has always existed and will always continue to exist -- "The Water of the Unseen World" which permeates and transcends our own material "Seen World."

Sobek is historically associated with "The Sea," but in context, we read that it's not a proper "sea" at all -- it's Lake Qarun in the Faiyum region. "The Sea" was a nickname (preserved in its Coptic name, "Phion") given to this large freshwater body in Ancient times. But, as we know from detailed documentation and surviving physical evidence from places like Soknopaiou Nesos, Bacchias, Tebtunis, etc., in the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods, we get very itemized and specialized "Sobeks," Who are at the same time the same God and yet not the same God: Soknopaios (Gr: "Sobek, Lord of the Island"); Pnepheros (From Egy. nfr-Hr, "Beautiful of Face / Pleasant of Countenance / Happy-Faced"); Sokonnokonni (If my Greek is any good, Gr: "Sobek Lord of the Sands/Desert/Dusty-Place," I assume deriving from konio-, "dust." This name is specific to Genout / Bacchias. There isn't a whole lot of published information on this particular Sobek I've been able to get my hands on, so I can't be sure my Greek translation is accurate); Soknobrasis (Gr: "Sobek, Lord of Joy"); and so on. TL;DR - There's no particular reason we can't have a "Sobek, Lord of the Sea" in a more abstract, non-local sense. There are -- theoretically -- a million same-but-not-same iterations of Sobek. And of every God, for that matter, though it's much more pronounced in the Ptolemaic and Roman evidence versus the Egyptian evidence, given the greater degree of "separateness" the Greek and Roman occupiers of North Africa treated each specialized name of native Gods. :)

As others have already said, for many of the associations you're looking for, those are associations YOU will wind up making as you explore your personal devotional relationships with various Gods. :) Some are loosely, sometimes strongly substantiated by ancient evidence, but much of it doesn't have a precise analogue in said evidence. A given religious sentiment or expression doesn't always need ancient evidence behind it in order to be a valid one.

Additionally, many Gods share common epithets (much like Sobek's "Beautiful of Face / Happy-Faced" epithet, and the "Sweet of Love" (bnr-mrwt) epithet. Heru and Amun-Re and Sobek and countless other Gods and Goddesses are described in terms of "Sweet of Love" in various inscriptions). Technically, EVERY God/dess is a God/dess of Love. Each God/dess is all things, and does all things, for His/Her worshipers. ;)

I hope this helps! ;D

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