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Hello everyone!

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Hello! Thank you so much for accepting me, my name is Lyra and I'm excited to be part of your boards:)

I've worked with Sekhmet for a few years now, she's helped me completely turn things around by casting out many, many toxic people from my life and given me confidence to do things I wouldn't have ever done before. At the time it was rough but its helped me get to where I am today:) I've practiced a sort of pagan path for about 5 years now, but I'd love to get to know the Netjeru better as I feel their presence the most and I've loved Egyptian mythology since I was first introduced to it as a child through yu-gi-oh (lol). I feel like I have been gently nudged here  by them to learn.

I've signed up for the next beginners class, I hope they accept me! How did you find it, was it ok? I'm a student so have all the free time in the world until October when I begin my master's project.
I hope to see you all around!

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Em hotep and welcome

Em Hotep and Welcome, Lyra!

I loved my beginner's class, (taken six years ago).  Sekhmet is definitely an amazing Goddess!

Many blessings to you as you explore!


Em hotep, Lyra!

I've just finished the beginners class myself (just waiting to graduate now) and can safely say that It's been a great experience! Would recommend to a friend. ;D

I hope you'll enjoy it, too c:


Em hotep and welcome, Lyra!

Sekhmet does that! She did exactly the same for me 15 years ago when I lived in Scotland (Hi, Amaranthos!). ;D

The Beginners' Class is great — well worth the time and effort, in my opinion.

Hope to see more of you.



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