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Making natron with... aquarium salt?


Em hotep, y'all. I have a question about making my own natron (since I've heard in the past that's A Thing).

I have a box of Instant Ocean aquarium salt, the kind you mix to make "seawater" for a salt or brackish aquarium. In the past, I've used this as an offering for my evolutionary ancestors, as salt from the sea from which all life sprang. However, even the smallest box of aquarium salt is huge, and it's not an offering I make often, so I've had this big box of salt sitting around for a few years now.

I'm going to be moving soon, and if I don't have to take this box of heavy inedible salt, I don't want to. But I had a thought this morning about possibly using it to make natron, which I'm given to understand is important in the House. (I'm signed up for the Beginners' Class starting soon so I don't know all the details.)

Is it possible to use this salt to make my own natron down the line? Or do you think it might have too many dissolved minerals to work properly?

[EDIT] Apparently the Instant Ocean brand contains calcium and magnesium, but according to their website, so does most tap water.

Em hotep, Bear!

I'm hesitant to say yes, for a couple of reasons. The most important of which is the fact that, as you mentioned, aquarium salt is inedible. Now, I wouldn't recommend eating natron, but you do use it to wash out your mouth. That's one of the reasons why sea salt isn't recommended, as it can give it a fishy taste. Kosher salt is what is usually recommended. Here is a thread that might be useful to you.

In any case, they will go over recipes for natron as well as its uses in the class itself! There's no need to rush and have it prepared ahead of time.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much for the reply!

Looking at the last post on that thread, it looks like the chemical formula for natron does not contain Mg or Ca, so what I would be making would not be true natron (and might not even combine properly anyway).

Looks like I have one less thing to worry about moving! I wasn't so much rushing to make natron as I was trying to decide whether or not I should pack this salt to move with it.

I’m glad it was helpful! It’s always relieving to be able to get rid of something you don’t want to move with :) Good luck with the move!

I wonder if you could still make natron with it but use it only for purifying objects or as a room spray. But I know I'd run the risk of mixing edible and non-edible natron together...

Guess you'll just have to start a new aquarium!


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