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Author Topic: FORUM POLICY - PLEASE READ!  (Read 27900 times)

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« on: April 25, 2006, 12:50:44 pm »
Welcome to the House of Netjer message forums. Here you can post ideas, suggestions, comments, and queries on all things Kemetic Orthodox!

Please observe netiquette and respect of all other posters when posting here. This applies to private messages as well as postings in public or members-only areas!

Specifically, please refrain from:
"Masked Vulgarity" -- writing a vulgar word with a letter exchanged with a number or other symbol so the new word still is recognizable, to get past the automatic censor. Example: "cen$ored" instead of "censored," where censored is a vulgar word

"Flames" -- attacks on other people, not just those who post, that do not address issues but consist of personal attacks on those people or their behavior.

Embedded Flames -- posts containing arguments that have some validity but whose contents are primarily directed at discrediting, humiliating, or otherwise attacking the reputation, behavior, or credibility of another, are also not permitted.

"Trolling" -- Deliberately driving conversations off topic is not permitted.

Advertisements for goods or services of all kinds, except in the members-only Trading Post forum or where permitted by forum staff

Spam -- Multiple duplicate posts in one or more topics

Copyrighted material should not be posted without prior permission of the owner(s)

Oversize graphics in signatures (trim graphics over 200x100; and refrain from posting any graphics that violate any of the above rules

Please remember that even if you are a member of our religion, as a poster on these privately-owned message forums, you are a guest on our service, which we provide to you without charge. If you violate our forums policy, your posts may be pulled and you may be banned from participation. This is not a public forum and posting here is a privilege -- not a right.

Copyright Information
Unless otherwise stated, all public and private posts belong to their owners. Unless you have permission from the poster(s), you do not have the right to duplicate any material posted on our forums anywhere. Likewise, we do not permit posting of copyrighted material to our forums without the author's prior permission. Posts containing copyrighted content will be deleted.

If you are unclear on copyright law, we suggest you check out  Brad Templeton's copyright myths page for an easy to understand breakdown of common copyright myths.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts assigned to the same individual are not permitted. This includes accounts that are "collective" -- e.g., a personal account for Joe-hotep and an account for Joe-hotep's business used by Joe only.  If you must have more than one account due to computer or location issues, contact our moderators and we will discuss options. Registering additional accounts for reasons of duplicity (to respond to your own arguments, to flame, to get around an existing ban on another account, etc.), will result in all accounts and yourself being banned from our forums. If you should lose your password, contact the webmaster.

Do not link to ANY images -- including avatars -- on another server without the owner's permission! This is common Internet courtesy. Relaying images takes bandwidth and without permission, is the Internet equivalent of theft. For more information about hotlinking, read this Wikipedia article.

Contacting Us
If you are trying to contact the House of Netjer directly see our official contacts page at:

Technical Issues
If you have suggestions for topics, are experiencing problems with our forums, or have any technical comments or questions, please contact the Webmaster.

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