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Heka for Ma'at


This should be drawn in Blue or Black ink on clean sheet of paper
Ma'at Feather above the Primordial Mound above water. Write within the water emotions that need to be nurtured, such as Love, Hope, and Compassion. Can be other things like, critical thinking or open-mindedness.


To set up, place candle/candleholder in bowl before hand.

(say as folding paper)
Oh Ma'at,
Great Mother to us all.
We call on you to nourish all that is right and good in this year.

(Pour water into bowl)
I offer cool water to Ma'at that we all my be cooled.

(light White candle,)
The Flame of Sekhmet burns on in Ma'at

(set paper under the bowl)
Ma'at has prevailed and brings all good things in this year.
Kheperu! Nekhtet! Dua Ma'at!

Once candle has burned out, place paper under what you feel to be the most appropriate statue.
If one has to put the flame out early before it runs into the water - "The caress of Shu carries this flame of Ma'at to the Duat, though the physical goes out, it burns ever on.


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