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How House of Netjer donations are used


Em hotep all!

The following is a brief summary of how monthly donations that we receive are distributed.

The first $500.00goes for general House of Netjer and minor Tawy House expenses (see the financial page at for details.

The next $2,000.00 goes towards Hemet's salary. This satisfies the obligation to the Ministerial Services Contract, which supports her to work four 8 hour days per week, and compensates her for her services. These include answering our emails/forum posts, ritual work done for the benefit of the Temple, pastoral counseling, divinations, teaching, research, translations and many other things.

Anything over and above the total of the first $2,500.00 will go to the Rollover Fund, which helps us cover shortfalls on months when donations fall below our goal. See for details about the Rollover Fund.

As always, if you have questions about this process, contact Tatuayinepu at

Thank you,

Tatuayinepu, Fundraising Bak


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