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Egyptian book of the dead

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I am a driver and wanted to listen to the Egyptian book of the dead! Does anyone have any good references that I should listen too? There are so many and I want a credible video to listen to while I drive..

             Em Hotep and thanks to all reply’s in advance!!!

I don't have anything specific for that (Book of Coming Forth by Day aka Book of the Dead) -- but if you're looking for podcasts, I can recommend Egyptian History Podcast, the person who does it has a great voice and I really love listening to it!

~ Nesi

Thank you Nesi I’m definitely gonna check it out!!!

I can second the suggestion by Nesi. That podcast is great!

I listened to it for 4 hours last night, and I really love it!! It’s fairly in depth and the reader does a excellent job!! Thx guys!!!


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