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Author Topic: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer  (Read 625 times)

Offline Bahi

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Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« on: February 21, 2021, 04:50:24 pm »
These are questions based partially on metaphysics, and partially on hypotheticals. Imagine that we have mastered space travel. Perhaps we have homes on other planets. Perhaps we have even evolved to a point we'd be considered a different species.

I'm curious to know how you view the scope of Netjer! Do you believe that Netjer is the Divine Power behind this planet solely? This galaxy? Or this entire universe?

Do you think Names like Geb who is intimately associated with the Earth, would lose relevance if we were not on Earth? Or would our understanding and mythology of Geb evolve, much as some of our understanding of Names has evolved with our modern technology and cultures?

Do you suppose we would come to know NEW Names if our existence was to radically change?
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Offline Benerwy

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Re: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 04:35:46 am »
This is an interesting question, one that I've found myself thinking as we've received some beautiful pictures from Perseverance of Mars!

I think it might be a mixture of evolving our thoughts on the Netjeru's field of influence (maybe causing some lesser known Names to become more 'noticed'), and learning about the Ones we know as tied to Earth in the context of new regional iru. I think the most primordial names will be ever present through space as we know them already - creators like Amun and Ptah, the vast waters of Nun, won't change much as you sail through space because it's already Something they've had a part in.

I can imagine Ra would encompass all suns, and could be a Name to pray to for a safe journey in Space Travel (as a Name that travels on his Solar Barque each day). Each planet would have a different iru of Nut as she is the Sky and Atmosphere, but also the same Nut as Earth as she is also all the Stars. Celebrations could be held in Tefnut's Name as the Lady of Moisture when water is found on another planet. I hope I've made some form of sense here.

But all of this is a very Earth-centric perspective (what a strange thing to type!). I do believe that our religions will be able to travel through space with the first explorers, but it would very difficult to relate to and believe in if you grew up light years away from Earth. Maybe a new planet-specific version of paganism will pop up, removed from everything we have here. I'd love to know.
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Offline Padememheru

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Re: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2021, 08:35:21 am »
Em hotep!

What a wonderful question to brainstorm.  I've thought about this too, especially when reading or watching sci-fi, and they pray to the Christian God.  If Christianity can be all over the galaxy, perhaps the multiverse, than why not other religions like Kemeticism.  When we do (and I believe we will) become space faring peoples, I think religion overall will definitely evolve to encompass more.  From what I remember from bible school as a kid, they always taught that God created the universe, so therefore, if we are in another part of this universe, so is God.  I believe the same for the Netjeru.

As far as the Netjeru are concerned, I believe They would evolve too, just as we evolve, and perhaps yes, more Names and aspects will be discovered.  One of my varied beliefs is that the gods created the multiverse.  So in essence, They are everywhere, not just this galaxy, or this planet.  That's how I like to view it when I find myself thinking about this topic.  I hope what I've said makes sense. 
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Offline Rekeh-Wer

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Re: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2021, 12:10:45 pm »
Agreed with all of the above! Personally I don't think deities like Geb or Hapi, Who are location based gods (Earth and the Nile), would lose relevance, per se, but rather be recontextualized and placed in different roles. If we were to travel to Mars, Horus the Red would then take the place of Geb and perhaps Geb would be instead interpreted as an ancestor, as the Earth would then be the ancestral home world of mankind. Solar and lunar deities would also have to be reinterpreted depending on how many there are in our future systems. Perhaps the two moons of Mars will then turn Khonsu or Iah into a dual deity, into brothers (one for each moon), or we may even have recognized new Netjer entirely to fit these moons. There's also the possibility that some of the Netjer we have now will eventually evolve into totally different entities, in a way creating new gods. But I think as long as base concepts like water and air remain, Tefnut and Shu, They will still be accepted as fully as an active part of our lives.

Whether or not "new" deities come forward to fill these roles in a world very, very different from the one in ancient times, I do think the gods we know now will adapt over time to take on needed domains and responsibilities. They are alive, after all. They will change and change to help us. Which is very exciting to think about! We may think that our kemeticism now looks different from what was originally practiced, but in a few more thousand years it could've evolved into something we couldn't have ever imagined, and personally I find that a beautiful thing to think about.
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Offline Saqdiheru

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Re: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« Reply #4 on: February 22, 2021, 07:24:21 pm »
ooooooooo i play a game called Elite Dangerous and i always imagine deities over aspects within space travel. Like Geb could be gravity and gravity wells of planets, stars, and black holes, as well as the surface of extraterrestrial planets that might be lived on or explored. Heh, Heru seems present whenever i think of anything related to space travel, I feel his presence whenever I play that game I mentioned earlier especially when i use my ship i named "The eye of Horus" its freaking awesome. He seems like he would protect travel as well as be over potential conflicts and skirmishes that may arise between two different star systems, protecting those innocent and those fighting for justice. And i see nut as the space between planets, stars and galaxies. Set i can see as the jet cones of neutron stars and the event horizon of black holes. Hethert and Taweret i can see as the nebulae in the galaxies giving birth to new stars.

whew i may add more to this later, but i find netjer present no matter where i could be in the universe.
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Offline Yinepuemsaes

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Re: Space Travel, the Future, and Netjer
« Reply #5 on: February 23, 2021, 11:37:27 am »
These posts have given me topics for my discursive meditation practice for at least the next week!
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