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Author Topic: Djehuty in the Modern World: Electronics  (Read 1009 times)

Offline Sa-Djehuty

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Djehuty in the Modern World: Electronics
« on: July 07, 2021, 03:48:47 pm »
Hello everyone! As a child of Djehuty (or at least I'm hoping to be one once I gain more spiritual connections) I was always curious about his knowledge of everything in the Ancient world.

But then that got me would He see the present world; to see how we've progressed and how He'd react. I was also thinking of having Him watch me/others create more and more innovations by the minute. I wanted to show him how to code, advanced in Engineering, Calculus, and much more.

Would He be interested in watching, or does He already know all that there is for us to know, and NOT know yet?

Just thought I'd spill ya my current train of thought! ;D

Offline Qenebty

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Re: Djehuty in the Modern World: Electronics
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2021, 08:18:53 pm »
Em hotep, Sa-Djehuty!

As a child of Djehuty myself (both through the KO Rite of Parent Divination & just in general, as I've always been close with Him), I can completely relate to the sorts of thoughts you are having about Djehuty and the modern world :) In terms of my own perspective, I truly believe the Gods exist outside of "linear time" (Djehuty especially, as Master of Time Himself), so in that sense, I think that Djehuty has a hand in everything we create or learn over time (meaning, that the ancient world and the modern world are both relevant to Djehuty - I don't think anything we are doing now is particularly surprising to Him or outside of His influence). Because of that, I think it would be completely viable to think of Djehuty as a Patron of engineering, or computer coding, or any forms of language, invention, and scholarship that we partake in now. He will always be a God of invention, creation, writing, scholarship, and knowledge (to name a few of His primary domains), no matter where He (or we) happen to be on the timeline of existence.

But, just because Djehuty already knows about everything we are doing in the modern world, that doesn't mean He wouldn't want to be a part of what we are discovering and doing for ourselves (so, your own discoveries, studies, and progress in various skills). In fact, I think including Him in your coding, engineering, calculus, and any other studies/work you are actively doing, would be a really lovely and relevant offering for Him! I have a small informal shrine for Him on my work desk, for example, so He can oversee and be a part of my career (I work in web development as my primary job). I think He enjoys how connected my job is to communication, translation, and languages (computer code is just another type of language after all  ;D ). But I am also an artist, and Djehuty enjoys being a part of my art practice, as well - whether I am drawing on paper or on my iPad (both technologies feel relevant to Him, the more "old school" one and the more modern one). There are lots of ways to connect with Djehuty, but I certainly think "showing Him" how you code, or do engineering, or any other modern practice like that, would be a really great way to continue growing close with Him (regardless of whether He already knows everything about it).

I hope this makes sense :) I am always happy to talk about Djehuty!

Djehutyemqenebty (Qenebty): "Djehuty is the Judge"

Daughter of Djehuty | Beloved of Nit-Nebthet-Seshat, Hethert-Mut, Ptah, and Khonsu

My art: or @BrookeKellyCreations on Instagram

Offline Sa-Djehuty

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Re: Djehuty in the Modern World: Electronics
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2021, 08:23:42 pm »
Thanks so much! I figured that He had that kind of power.

I'm also impressed that you have a shrine for Him! Since I'm fresh I don't really have anything but a scented candle, but I do try to let him know that I'm studying in college, or at least trying to succeed during the tough times we got going on right now.

I'd love to talk about Djehuty as well, any time, and I'm looking forward to getting a Parent Divination (whenever I get it?) hopefully after Class 60. I love learning, and I do my best to think about Djehuty every time I learn. I could talk about Him all day!


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