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The 42 Purifications

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Em hotep friends!

I recently started to read a copy of The 42 Purifications: Meditations on a translation of Chapter 125 of the Pert-em-Heru (Egyptian Book of the Dead. With some prompting by my Beloved Lord Djehuty, I though it would be an engaging practice to discuss each of these purifications with everyone, and see what each of out take is on it. Hearing other people's reasoning and thinking helps us become wiser in our own thought.

Every few days after the topic slows down a little I (or anyone who notices and has a copy of the 42) will post another purification for us to discuss, to get the topic started again.

Purification 1
Hail Strider, coming from Iunu (Heliopolis), I am not doing (making) isfet.

For me this purification is quite powerful. It means controlling my behavior so that I am not part of anything that is pulling ma'at out of balance. By doing isfet, I am working against ma'at and Netjer. By working with ma'at I am becoming the self-mastered. I do this by being a calm, controlled, modest, wise, gentle, and socially active person.

Hemet challenges us in this purification to not confuse a person's being with his or her behavior. The old concept of love the sinner and hate the sin applies here. I have struggled with this concept in the past. I have hated myself for my own behavior in the past and have not been very forgiving of myself. By not forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes and moving on, we create isfet.

I know in my life, I want to live in ma'at. Isfet will pop its serpent-shaped head in every once and a while and cause some strife. That is alright though, because it helps me to focus back again to ma'at. I will tell you that there are days when someone does something or says something to me, and I want to rip their head off an put them in their place. But by placing the concept of ma'at first, I hold my tongue and walk away. I feels this definitely shows character.

I hope this topic catches on and everyone participates. I placed it on the public side of the Boards hoping that it will show a positive light of Kemetic Orthodoxy for those that come her to learn. There seems to be a lot of "fluff" on the public side and thought that are guests and community would enjoy something a little more philosophical and spiritual. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.


Em hotep, Raheri - neat topic!

One of the big questions in KO is, what exactly is isfet?

To paraphrase Hemet, isfet is the action of undoing creation itself.  We add to this by doing bits and pieces that can further the uncreation of creation; things like gereg, or lying (both in word and thought); and binet, or behaving badly (actions, not just words or thoughts).

Also according to Hemet, what really matters in these cases is whether or not we actually meant to do it.  So, to purposefully lie, behave badly, or to not choose to act within ma'at, all contributes to isfet; accidentally doing so, does not.

Choosing to act within ma'at not only shows character; it shows *good* character.  Kudos, Raheri!  :)

Just to play the devil's advocate for a moment... wasn't Ap_p's creation accidental?

Is the definition of isfet dependent on the outcome or the intention?  Is a malicious act truly isfet if it somehow leads to a positive outcome or the creation of something?

Em hotep Shemi & Tekini,

I basically see this as a way that ma'at is trying to correct itself. If a malicious act caused something positive, I don't see the slate as being wiped clean. That intent is still on the one making the act. Just because I did something malicious because I wanted to in anger, doesn’t mean if something good comes out of it, then I didn't do anything wrong.

On the other hand, what if I did something that eventually caused isfet. Kind of like the butterfly effect. I think this is really pushing it. Making isfet is something we aren’t going to do by accident. That is gereg, but not isfet.

Basically we are the only ones responsible for ourselves. What we do, say, and how we behave are our choices. For the most part, I believe that most of mankind isn’t out creating isfet.


Hotep Tek!  Yes, Ap_p's creation was accidental - but Ap_p and isfet are two different things.  It was Hemet Herself you said that intent is what matters with isfet - just do a search on isfet in the ATN forum, and you'll find it. :)


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