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What do you wear?

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Since I see so many religious people wear symbols of their faith (such as crosses, pentagrams, stars of david, etc.), it got me wondering what the people of KO like to wear as a symbol of their beliefs.  The first thing that comes to mind is the ankh, but I know there are so many symbols to choose from.

Would anyone like to share?

I have the jewelry I make for my line-up.  It looks mainstream, but is designed specifically for them.  I don't like to answer intrusive questions from strangers, so I keep my faith low-key in public.

I wear an ankh and a bracelet Tahai made for me. I honestly would wear a lot more because I don't care what people think of me.

I have three ankh necklaces at this point (one a gift from my brother, one a gift from two of my close friends for being in their wedding, and one I got myself  at Pride last year), and a set of hair sticks with ankhs on the end. I have another ankh necklace  that I was led to at a flea market a few years ago that broke, so I'm thinking of taking the pendant for a set of prayer beads but that project hasn't really come together yet. I used to have a pair of ankh earrings years ago (before I knew about KO) but those also broke.

Then I have a few that aren't overtly Kemetic that I made in honor of various Names. I made one in honor of Nut, a choker of blue beads with a black bead with silver stars on it as the focus, and I wore it constantly for about a year until the line wore out. I made one in honor of Wepwawet with tiger's eye, garnet, copper, and "poetry" dog tags that say "Hard Road Free Heart" on grey thread. I made one in honor of the Bawy with red jasper, red beads, and dog tags that say "They Who Reveal Truth" on orange thread, but it broke and I'm not sure if that's because it served its purpose or because the dog tags are too heavy and I should remake it with stronger line. I made one in honor of the Eyes of Ra a few months ago with garnet, tiger's eye, orange freshwater pearls, orange and red seed beads, and a sun pendant (which called to me during a Michaels trip for something else).

I also have a silver chalice that I wear as a symbol of my UU faith.

I wear three pieces of faith-based jewelry, alongside my usual pendants.  Near my collar, I wear a subtle ankh pendant.  Typically when at work, I try to tuck this under my shirt collar if I am able, but it's always popping out.  (I tuck not so much to hide my religion, but because I already wear two pendants outside of my shirts and I don't want to be known as "Too Much Jewelry Girl".)  I wear the ankh to remind me of my Parents, my faith, and my love for Netjer.

Beneath my shirt I wear an udjat pendant on a long chain, it hangs close to my heart.  This is 'hidden' because of my other pendants, I couldn't find a chain length that would make all four pendants look good together, and not too Mr. T.  The udjat drew the short straw to remain under the shirt because it is a bronzy color and the rest of my jewelry is silver.  I wear the udjat for protection and strength, to remind me of my Beloveds and Their influence in my life.

I also wear a bracelet which is turning out to be dedicated to the Gods of the Year.  Last year, for the Bawy, I wore this cute little two-heart bracelet and had Chococat and Badtz Maru charms on the clasps.  This year I am wearing bracelets that Menekh had made and donated to the House for fundraising.  Because I am VERY rough on bracelets, on the days that I don't feel comfortable and am afraid I'll break or lose one, I will wear a bracelet that I made in honor of Ra and Khnum.

I keep these items of jewelry on my shrine.  Every morning when I am getting ready, I stop and reflect on the Gods of the Year, my Beloveds, and my Parents as I put on my jewelry.  In the evenings, I reflect again and thank Them as I remove the items.


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